Comprehensive keys to worksite wellness program effectiveness important

Comprehensive worksite wellness programs are effective. And you really do want right Employers have struck the Notion that employee wellness programs are the best and ultimate solution for their health related cost woes. The normal wellness program focus now is based on reduction and health risk identification. Risks are generally identified through a thorough organization-wide needs assessment, using a health risk assessment HRA and individual employee biometric screening. Employers considering risk reduction, go to implement workplace or virtual based interventions and programming targeting risk factors. Leaving aside the question about whether reducing health risks alone can ever be sufficient to affect today’s health related expenses; the question we will need to ask ourselves is our strategy today is working out for us.


It is important to acknowledge that paradigms influence our view of the world. A paradigm is a model or framework of reference where we interact with our environment and decide how we feel about. Paradigms are what we think and see. Paradigms are powerful influencers that help us reside in the world and make sense of paradigms are currently influencing we view the solutions healthcare cost woes. Two paradigms that originated from the 17th century are worth noting. As being a system, the Mechanistic paradigm views the world and everything in it. The second paradigm is the Reductionism paradigm that sees the whole as being equivalent to the sum of its components. Compare these paradigms with two. Quantum physics’ paradigm viewpoints the essence of the whole is different from the sum of its components. The chaos theory and complexity paradigm perspective sees human beings and organizations as being complicated systems which are not guided by rules that are applicable to machines.

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If you think that humans and Organizations are complicated, why would you feel that an issue like organizational and human health can be addressed through anything but a comprehensive solution that handles the intricate nature of humans and associations Recent published research Results suggest the capability of corporate wellness uae to affect health prices that are related is limited, if at all. From the September/October 2013 issue of the American Journal of Health Promotion Editor-In-Chief Michael O’Donnell, Ph.D., said: My guess is that almost all programs, possibly 90 percent – 95 percent, lack the essential program components and are too superficial to have much effect. However, what does Dr. O’Donnell mean by necessary program components and too shallow.

Worksite wellness program Proponents typically state that, as Ron Goessel, Ph.D., says well-designed and well-executed programs which are based on evidence-based principles can achieve positive health and financial outcomes.

What constitutes a worksite health program that is well-designed?


The Wellness Council of America WELCOA has long put forth a best practice worksite wellness program version consisting of seven components. Researchers who have looked at applications have determined that these programs are comprehensive and powerful.