Enjoying the Benefits of Bringing Luxury Bathrobes into your Home

Robes are one of those types of clothing that almost everyone has, but nearly no one notices. The reason is that a regular robe is nothing special. Most likely, you have the same robe as your parents because it was there that you learned everything about how you behave in the bathroom. Thin, flannel, and not warm enough to walk from bath to closet, that’s the tragedy of a regular robe.

But robes have undergone an amazing transformation over the past decade.

Designer draperies that used to serve only five-star hotels and wellness centers now offer luxurious public bathrobes, making it impossible for anyone who chooses to cross over to go back.

Real comfort. A luxurious mens silk bathrobe is designed to transition from bathroom to vanity and allow you to enjoy the luxury of comfort after a hot shower. It is unheard of in ordinary dressing gowns, and most of us never spend time on it. Honestly, spending 5 minutes relaxing after showering is a great way to start your day, such as sipping your morning coffee and reading the newspaper.

Quality material. Luxurious robes are designed to be soft, warm, and comfortable, as well as durable. Silk robes are on one end of the spectrum, and microfibers are another popular option. The advantage of silk is unprecedented softness; microfiber is machine washable and softens with every wash. No matter which type you choose, you can find a luxurious robe for your climate.

Total length. One simple feature of my book is the long robes. Sorry, but cold knees after a shower don’t count. Therefore, always choose a long robe, especially for colder climates. Many full length designer dresses also have deep pockets, big enough for a pocketbook! Many also have large collars that are easy to pull up for comfort.

Don’t forget men’s robes. By the way, luxurious robes are not just for women. Many fashion brands create gender-neutral designs, including masculine color options such as black, brown, or stone. Chances are, your boyfriend will be lethargic at first until he tries on a robe and becomes a believer. It is because most of us have not been taught to enjoy a lazy morning by pampering our skin for a few minutes after showering.


Letting yourself dry naturally after showering is a healthy step for your skin. The shower releases our natural oils, and towel drying can rob us of these important nutrients. Spending five to ten minutes in a loose robe gives your skin a chance to dry naturally.