The best way to apply the eyelash extensions

Recall those divas from the retro time that made your pulse ripple with their doe-like eyes? Eye make-up was profound and extraordinary with the long, twisting eye liner, strong eye shadows, twofold layers of mascara, and pleasingly fluttering eyelashes. Counterfeit eyelashes were famous and improved things greatly. At that point some way or another they vanished, were proclaimed to be unfashionable and tasteless, and have now made a colossal rebound. With superstars turning up at the Oscars in huge, twisting lashes made of silk mink, another pattern has begun. Presently, counterfeit eyelashes are turning out in gaudy and ludicrous symbols – the plume style, long and fluffy, bejeweled and hide styled ones.


Since counterfeit eyelashes have made a rebound to remain, you can incorporate another daily practice to your eye make-up. On the off chance that you love the sensational look, more full eyes, at that point select phony eyelashes which can be worn to parties, uncommon events, evening out with companions and at whatever point you need to resemble an advantageous glitz doll. Here are the best tips and recommendations on the most proficient method to wear these bogus lashes, the approaches to keep them without moving and furthermore maintaining a strategic distance from the debacle of your phony eyelashes hanging halfway at a gathering.

  • Gone are the times of solid, dramatic and manufactured looking eyelashes? The advanced symbol of bogus eyelashes is amazingly adaptable and common in appearance. While getting them at the store, it is in every case best to ensure you purchase lashes which are light and have spaces between them. This is the most ideal approach to effortlessly mix your unique eyelashes with counterfeit ones.
  • When you purchase the bogus mink lashes, you will get a long, entire lash strip. The most ideal approach to utilize it is to cut a solitary lash into equal parts with fingernail skin scissors. While cutting the eye lash strip, guarantee that each piece has one end with long fibers and the other with short fibers. This is the most ideal approach to assist you with reproducing the beautiful, doe-peered toward retro look.
  • It is pivotal to shape the bogus lash and form it before applying it. Crush the bogus lashes inwards, pull the lash band down on one side and up on the other to make it adaptable.