Find out about Alternative songs or Music

There is a weird concept about an alternative to songs or music since it was developed back in the 1960s. During those days, most people noticed that there was a connection need for the more lucid base with masses. Some were a mockery and the political agenda of the exposed real objective.

However, it was an alternative stand for something radical and new. An alternative kind of music was famous among particular crowd segment. Since the crowd had Michael Jackson and Madonna, another specific section has bands such as Nickelback and Nirvana.

As mentioned before, the first alternative music was heard back in the year 1965. It was a challenging period for several bands since the fans demanded to get much more. They expected to get more songs that evoke more feelings among them. Here are some examples of alternative music that still exist up to date:

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The Nirvana Band

When Nirvana started producing alternative music, they became among the most popular band of all time. Kurt Cobain was the principal founder of this band, and that was in 1987, Washington DC. He was the lead singer of Nirvana, but the later 1994 he commits suicide then band split up. A drummer went on another band known as a Foo-Fighters that also became an alternative band.

The Linkin Park Band

Link Park is a rock band also founded in the United States. Linkin Park band also base its foundation on alternative songs. Linkin Park band was started in California, and so far they’ve produced most of the top alternative music such as Hybrid Theory. They achieved the second position by among the top alternative music.

The Green Day band

Green Days are recognized as United States band that was established back in 1987, California. They offer a proper direction of an alternative rock punk music. Up to date, Green Day has recorded the highest number of followers worldwide.

The Coldplay band

The Coldplay is also a rock band that was started back in 1996. Coldplay music has mostly fascinated most listeners. Besides producing different types of alternative music, they also write incredible lyrics that made their fans more impressed.

The Red-Hot-Chili Peppers

Red hot chili peppers was a band established in California back in 1983. Some of the great hits such as “Hey You” and “Californication” was produced by this band.  These two songs are examples of alternative songs. If you have developed an interest in alternative music, you should check out songs like those ones.