How Can You Keep Your Lash For Longer?

Eyelash extensions are the most convenient and alternative way of getting the longer lashes rather than struggling with the falsies daily, however they do not come very cheap. For anybody considering this for a first time, finding how long eyelash extensions last will be an important factor to consider if they are worth it.

To get the extensions to last for long, the important thing you need to know is how you will take right care of them when they are on. Coming to our question, how long do eyelash extensions last? You just need to take right care of your eyelash extensions, then they will last longer. Let us check out how to rightly care for your lashes.

  • Clean your extensions every day by using the approved lash cleanser. The lash cleansers generally help to keep the lashes free from dirt, oil, or other debris that will inhibit retention. Try to keep your eyelashes clean & they may last longer.
  • Brush your eyelashes with the clean mascara wand every day. Using the clean mascara wand will help to keep your eyelashes looking fluffy & full. Brush the lashes every day after cleaning it to help keep your extensions looking best.

Life Cycle of the Eyelashes

Every extension will be attached to your own eyelashes, so it may ideally last until your lash reaches an end of life cycle & falls out naturally. The natural lashes have the different life cycle, hence they are not all shedding immediately. It means your extensions may shed in the natural pattern. The lash technicians may suggest the infill treatments after some weeks, to add some more extensions when initial time of the shedding occurs. Suppose you select to do infill, you may extend your life of falsies a little longer.