Understand more about lepin block toys

If you think wooden Building blocks are for children think again. The majority of these will work best on a hard surface like hardwood or linoleum, instead of rugs or carpeting. On a tabletop, you can work for some of these.

  1. Build High and narrow as possible. Count and shoot pictures. Look the world record for a tower of blocks up. Measure yours. Can you come close?
  2. Build a castle and decorate it with paper pennants. Ladies and knights from paper characters cut out from magazines. Add tape onto a paper crown and a photo of yourself. Congratulations. You are ruler of a kingdom that is tiny.
  3. Create a maze for Time and Your pet how long it takes him to get through. Give him a little practice, if he seems unmotivated. Start him off easy with a straight run with meals in the end, so that he gets the idea it helps if he is hungry. Next add 2 or a twist. Put at a maze with several turns and dead ends. Time him on runs. Does his rate improve?
  4. If your wooden Building blocks are of different shapes and sizes, it can be as fun and challenging as any mystery to attempt and stack together compactly them.
  5. Outline miniature Bowling lanes and challenge your friends. Use cap erasers for marbles and pins for balls. Deduct points for hitting on the lane’s lepin website walls. Make the game harder by maintaining the lanes long, and the erasers just far enough that you need to hit on them. Make the game easier by positioning the erasers somewhat closer and shortening the lanes.
  6. Build a spiral staircase. It is going to be a good deal of fun, although this might require plenty of building blocks to get the effect.
  7. Build an arch Made from blocks. For help, look up arches on your encyclopedia. You may have to create one, if your building blocks do not comprise a shape.
  8. Build a special domino town and run a line of dominos in, out, up, down and over the building blocks. Establish a small bell in the end one of these small Christmas jingle bells tied on a ribbon works nicely. Push on down the first domino.
  9. Surprise your mom by setting for dinner. Explain that no stemware could be found by you, so you improvised as best you can.
  10. If you have a cat or puppy that is a fantastic sleeper or a big brother, carefully construct a home directly over top of them from wooden blocks. Yes, include a roof you can support it with strips of cardboard if your longest blocks are not quite long enough for the roofing foundation. You might have enough cubes for your home if it is a dog, or your brother.